Hi loves, I'm so excited about today's post! I had been considering extensions for a long time and had heard great things about the quality of the Halo Couture Remi hair. The Halo Couture hair extensions are one piece that sits like a halo on the crown of your head, making them very easy to put in and take out.

I am so happy with the extra fullness and length (22 inch extensions length) that I was able to achieve. The Halo extensions are best to wear when styling your hair down, in a low bun, a half up bun or in braids. Whereas, in my opinion, it does not work well for updos or milkmaid braids that wrap around your head. 

How it Feels: It's very comfortable and fits snuggly. I don't really worry about it falling out at all. It doesn't really move once you fit it correctly. I did wear it while I was trying on clothes in a fitting room at a store and I was a little worried it might come out when I was lifting shirts and dresses off over my head. It shifted a little bit a couple of times, but all I had to do was straighten it out. It did not fall out. It feels a lot like wearing a headband (there are no clips). I've worn tight headbands that have bothered me and I've had to take them off after a couple of hours, but this is nothing like that. It's a little heavy (this will vary depending on the length you choose, mine is very long), but it's not at all unmanageable. You get used to it. 

Putting It On / Taking It Off:  It's so fast and easy. I've watched videos of girls putting in and taking out their clip in hair extensions, and I can see that is takes a lot of time and patience. It literally takes one minute to place the Halo Couture extensions on your head and two seconds to take it off. It's seriously that easy! You only have to fit it to your head the first time you wear it, which is also easy. Halo Couture has a video on YouTube that shows you exactly how to fit it. link to the video 

Maintenance: When you need to brush it, brush it gently. I would only recommend washing and drying it only when absolutely necessary so that it will last you a long time. I've washed mine once. I washed it in the sink with my regular shampoo, then hung it from a skirt hanger (with clips) to blow dry it. I used my regular hair oil and heat styling protectant. I curled it once it was completely dry. I would recommend storing it in a sealed bag or in its box when not in use and do not sleep with it in. 

I received my Halo Couture extensions from Nicole Schroeder, an authorized distributor of Halo Couture, stylist and salon owner, based in California. She ships Halo Couture extensions nationwide. She will color match your hair from photos (taken in natural light) which you can text, DM or email to her. Nicole is offering 30% off (just for my readers) if you mention you saw this on With Love And Style. I've personally never seen Halo Couture extensions on sale before, so I'm very excited that she is offering this amazing discount for my readers. You can email Nicole directly at NicoleSchroeder101@yahoo.com and connect with her on Instagram at @thehairboutiquedixon for more information. 

My Halo Couture Color: 116 (with additional custom color added at my salon)
My Halo Couture Style/Length: 22-inch

Have you tried extensions before? What was your experience? Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! 

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