Rose Gold

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!  I seem to have an unquenchable thirst for everything rose gold.  There is just something so stylish, feminine and luxe about this rose hue of gold, that is undeniable!  I know there are lots of other rose gold fanatics out there, so I thought I would round up some of my favorite rose gold pieces to add a little sparkle to your day!

I have two different rose gold sunglasses here, just because I cannot resist anything rose gold. I also recently added these Adidas sneakers featuring rose gold accents and these cute scalloped metallic flats to my rose gold collection. There are two home decor items here; a rose mercury glass votive holder and a ceramic pineapple figurine/trinket holder.  I couldn't find these exact items (as I purchased them last year), but I found some super cute, almost identical ones, yay!  Here's one for $14 and the other is linked below.  I found some additional lovely rose gold pineapple home decor that I plan to buy, so I linked those below, as well!

The Rebecca Minkoff handbag is rose gold with multi-colored tassels, so that was a no-brainer, so cute!  Of course, I had to have the rose gold iPhone, so I waited an extra month to get it, since it was back ordered when it was first releases.  Pictured above the phone are my rose gold earbuds.  I found some even cuter ones recently for $10 (that I'm going to buy), that are linked below for you guys.  I came across some adorable rose gold phone cases, as well, that I linked for you, too.

In the top right corner you'll see my rose gold Kate Spade notebook which is the cutest notebook ever and goes with me to every meeting!  It says "Everything is Coming up Roses" on the cover!  Below that you'll see my favorite hair spray (in the travel size), it's a flexible comb-thru hold that I have been using and loving for years.  I usually buy it at Target.  Last but not least on my rose gold list is my travel mug, which has a hammered metal design on the outside and is also metal on the inside. The only plastic part is the top, which closes tight to prevent spills. I don't like drinking out of plastic (I always opt for metal, ceramic or glass) so this travel cup is as functional as it is beautiful! 

Pictured next to the handbag is my rose gold "Flint", which is a retractable lint roller that won't get stuck to everything (since it has a cover).  It's amazing for traveling and bringing to photo shoots!  Also included in this round up are my rose gold pony tail wrap, long skinny barrette, rose gold watch and Y-necklace. All of which add that perfect little rose gold POP that makes any outfit look polished and complete!