Shoes of Prey (Review)

I'm so excited to be partnering with Shoes of Prey for today's post. This company is doing the coolest thing! They allow you to become your own shoe designer (yes, really!) and it's super easy, fun, and everything you would want it to be. 

I had the opportunity to create a few pairs of shoes of my own original designs. Here is the thought process behind the design of my shoes. First the red mules. I've been dying to get my hands a pair of shoes that would match my red Gucci Marmont bag, so when I saw that they had a matching shade of red (called Dark Red Nappa Leather) I knew it was meant to be.  I decided to create a mule, a very on-trend style right now that can easily be dressed up or down (big fan of versatility over here). I decided to personalize them with a custom inscription stamped on the insole with the name of my blog. 

Shoe Design Details: Jasmin in Dark Red Nappa Leather

On to the white ankle boots. I had been looking for a pair of white booties (a must-have this season!) for a while, however, I couldn't find a pair that I liked. Enter Shoes of Prey - I realized I could just design the white ankle booties of my dreams. I love the pointed toe and slim stiletto heel. These boots would also look great a 4-inch heel. However, since I'm nearly 6 feet tall, I don't need the height, so I went with a 2.8 inch heel.

The Shoe Design Details: Kiel Boot in White Nappa Leather

Now let's talk about these pink suede slingbacks. I had been admiring a very similar pair of flat suede slingbacks for some time, but couldn't justify the $545 designer price tag. When I saw that a flat slingback style was offered by Shoes of Prey, it was a no-brainer to create my very own, equally as gorgeous version, for a fraction of the price. 

Shoe Design Details: Bari in Blush Nude Soft Suede

Final thoughts. The process was so fast! After submitting my designs, the shoes arrived on my doorstep within two weeks. I think that's pretty fast for a completely custom made-to-order product! I also have a hard to find shoe size (10.5, AA-narrow), so that made this experience just that much more awesome. I can't tell you how many times I fall in love with a pair of shoes just to find out that they don't offer my size or I receive the shoes in the mail and they do not fit properly (so I sadly have to send them back). It's really cool to know that these shoes are going to fit perfectly every time.

I'm kind of obsessed with this company and plan to give friends and family gift cards for the holidays to design their own shoes. Wouldn't it also be the perfect gift for your fashion-forward boss or clients? I always had the toughest time finding the perfect gift for my boss and best clients when I worked in the corporate world. I feel like this would be such a unique gift that people would really enjoy (and there's no worry of whether or not the gift will fit, because it's custom, lol).

I wanted to give you a peek inside the design process on their website. The interface and design process is super intuitive and sleek. You can actually see a 3D rending of your shoes as you design them. 

So excited because I was able to snag you guys a code for a free custom inscription (worth $49). Think of all the fun things you could inscribe on your shoes! Your name, IG handle, a favorite quote "all you need is love", a favorite hashtag #shoeloveistruelove, the possibilities are endless! Code: withloveandstyle

Go check out Shoes of Prey and let me know what you think! If you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Have a great day!!!